Chinese Japanese
  • 1993-1999

    Gradually standardize business Yang Tong euryajaponica export business, and vigorously develop Yang Tong euryajaponica cultivation base, artificial cultivation and intensive operation, professional management, unconventional development, agricultural industry to create a "company + base + farmers" as the main body of the new mode of development, become the industry the impact of powerful enterprises, Yang Tong euryajaponica exports at the top, occupy a larger share of the market in japan;

  • 1999~2005

    The development of enterprise strategic adjustment, try capital operation, began to diversify, cross regional business, expand the industrial scope, establish a "hundred years off" concept of development, gradually build up the development pattern across things, connecting the north and south, and overseas, formed to canned fruits and vegetables, fruit drink, fresh cut flowers, leaves, real international trade the development of real estate industry, high growth enterprises;

  • 2006-2013

    Continue to grow the flower industry, set up a branch in Beihai, Guangxi, the acquisition of a professional service flower collection network, is committed to creating a nationwide large-scale flower network sales and service platform. 2012 has invested heavily built chrysanthemum cultivation facilities in China Precision Intelligent Greenhouse in Yunnan Kunming, these measures make the company have a flower production season cultivation, a week can be balanced in export, in the forefront of the domestic co

  • 2015-10-29

    Three sets of landing nets landing three new board, creating a new board of China Internet flower companies precedent! Flower set network using multi platform development strategy, has become the largest and most professional flower orders trading center, which owns flower set net (, flowers, incense and beauty ( network ( a number of flower business platform, the formation of B2B, B2C, online auctions, cross-border transactions, the four main business secto

  • 2016- now

    In the future, group will integrate the resources of enterprises, and strive to achieve the "Fomdas" listing, adjustment of enterprise management and operation, and actively from product management to capital management field development, and strive to build the domestic first-class, world-renowned multinational group of modern agricultural products.