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Xu Wenguang, Vice Governor of Zhejiang Province, Visited Fomdas Holding Group to Investigate and Research


On February 17th, Xu Wenguang, vice-governor of Zhejiang Province, visited Fomdas Holding Group for investigation and research. Xu Xiaofang, the board chairman of Fomdas Holding Group, accompanied the research.

Xu Xiaofang briefed Xu Wenguang in detail on the development history, industrial layout, digitalization, science and technology, and  brand of Fomdas in the past 28 years.

Xu Wenguang fully affirmed the achievements made by Fomdas in the fields of flowers and food, and highly praised its contributions in supporting and enriching farmers. He encouraged Fomdas to strengthen its confidence in development, continue to innovate, break through key technologies, and make further contributions to economic and social development.

Vice-governor Xus arrival is both affirmation and encouragement to Fomdas. Fomdas will continue to focus on the two leading industries, improve its own strength and contribute to the realization of common prosperity.